Friday, January 15, 2010

chris brown: like a year later

When I say Chris Brown, you know who I'm talking about, right? If so, read on. If not, I don't know what to tell you; but read on anyway. It seems that a lot of people are still kind of pissed off at him. Yeah, yeah he roughed up some chick, a famous chick; but it's not like he killed a bunch of people or something.

It's not like he goes to the gym, and like me, just starts hulking out on everybody.

I don't condone hitting women, or anyone really. Wow, did I just admit that? The only time I actively encourage you to hit a broad, besides all the time, is when they mouth off uncontrollably.


It's like, slore, if you're gonna get in my face like a dude, you better be ready to get cut the fuck up, like a dude. I think that's fair. Equal rights, equal fights, right? Why are all these pussies crying about hitting a broad. Nine (9) times out of ten (10), if it was a dude starting the fight, they'd probably get hit/cut/slapped/choked/tasered/bound 'n gagged/violently hugged/etc. Are you supposed to give her a pass because she's a woman? That doesn't sound like equality to me!

That said, I'm not saying I'd hit a chick, but I don't know, I might grab a boob or something. I'm definitely down for boob grabbing.

With her permission of course.

But that's not the point.

Whether Chris Brown was totally in the wrong, we'll never know, we weren't there. But that won't stop us from judging him!

What does drive me nuts though, is how some media sites still crucify the dude.

He recently did an interview on 20/20, and one gossip-site was crying about how it went down:

"No accounting for his conduct, no calling him out for self promotion not even a year after beating down his girl, and worse…"

Wait a second, "no accounting for his conduct"? This happened almost a year ago. I'm pretty sure he went to court, got sentenced, and paid his debt to society. According to the liberal pussy media, I would think he'd get off scott-free...because he's not only a criminal, but he's a black criminal. It would only make sense that they'd blame something, or someone, else for something he did. On his own volition.

"No calling him out for self promotion"? Uh, he is putting out a new album, and is trying to promote it. I think that's why he's going out in the media.

"...beating down his girl..."? Uh way to keep bringing up this stupid story.

Here's my take:

Chris Brown should get the electric chair. Not because he hit a girl, not because he's black, not because the dude's a toolbox, rather because in my fantasy football league, I picked up a guy named Chris Brown, and he fucked me big time. I needed a lot of points out of that son of a bitch, and the asshole didn't do shit for me.

Fuck all people named Chris Brown.

To be fair though, I'd also love to see Rihanna get the chair too. That bitch annoying. Hot, but annoying.

At the end of the day, I guess I'd like to see a lot of people get the chair.

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