Friday, January 16, 2009

aaahhhh, memories

The other day my buddy left a comment on my blog. Thanks for reading, cuz! But that's not the important thing. Well it's important cause I appreciate anybody reading, and I appreciate anybody leaving a comment.

The thing is, I used to work with this guy at a restaurant, and we had a great time. He was a cook, and I was a waiter. I had some of the best times ever in college, courtesy of this dude. His comment reminded me of this awesome thing I used to do: any time someone ordered a kid's meal (presumably, a kid), we would put a dum-dum sucker in each kids' meal basket.

However, I went that extra mile for each kid's meal. I would take a sucker, and slam it on the counter so it would crack up and break. That way when the little shit would open the sucker up, it would be all broken, and it would be ruined.

Yeah, it was awesome cleaning up your shithead kid's mess. It was even more awesome watching that little bastard cry over a broken sucker. He didn't need the extra sugar anyway.


Please check out his blog here.


Dus said...

Goddd I love you. Here's another future blog post for you: How you would make host bitches cry by yelling at them, "Ok, here's the rules: NO fat people. NO old people. And NO kids." Then, sure as shit, you'd get sat with some fat, old fuckin couple with 8 kids. Ah, those were the dayz.

Dus said...

i had to return the favor and throw out another ol' memory on 'pudding bath', hope u don't mind. let's bring back Crazy Sundays.