Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i'm out this beotch

Seriously I am. I'm flying to Chicago this morning, then 2 hours later, right to Hong Kong. 15 hours straight. In an airplane.

I have been stressed out as shit over this flight. It's really taken most of the enjoyment out of anything I've done over the past month and a half. Except for this blog. I enjoy doing this blog.

Thank you for reading...I REALLY appreciate all the feedback and comments.

If for some reason I am not able to post any more (like if I die), I have blogs scheduled to be posted throughout the holidays. And then, that's it.

Look on the bright side, if I cease to post this blog any more, the internet could get a whole lot less misogynistic. That's good right?

Some may not be aware, but this will be the first Christmas for this blog. And if I die, it could be the last. Haha, pretty exciting stuff.


kdrab said...

You might die?

We can only hope...


and yes, I winked @ you twinkieboy...

Have a good and not so safe trip!

deez_nutz said...

you're banned from lambgoat and you run away to china because of it. loser.