Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i know a guy

Yeah, I know a guy. He's a graduate student. But he's not just any graduate student. No sir, his achievements in academia go above and beyond what most students can ever dream of achieving (except you heckyeah-woman, you're always number 1 babygurl).

This particular gentleman's peculiar brand of research is quite punctilious. You see, his research takes on a very phallic quality. This line of research, after knowing this dude, fits perfectly.

Well, what the hell kind of research does this dude do? In his own words, his research is essentially:

"measuring dicks"

No kidding, this is his job. Haha yeah, I didn't believe him right away either. I guess it's some shit about sexual predators and measuring their arousal. He made it sound really professional, and all for the betterment of society or some gay bullshit like that.

Anyway, the minute I learned that this is what he does, I immediately asked if they were hiring either test subjects, or specialized handlers.


kdrab said...

You want some dude to measure your "Tebowner"?

Seriously starting to wonder about you man...

Dus said...

Schlong measuring. Hey, remember Schlorb on the Child Molester Channel? Schlorbie. Crazy Sunday.