Tuesday, December 30, 2008

hip hop embraces my blog

Wow! This is great! I had no idea, but I guess somehow somebody snuck my blog onto the computer of some of today's hottest rappers! At first I was worried, but I rest a lot easier knowing that for the most part, the feedback has been great!

Read what hip hop is saying about my blog:

"This shit is gold; I should get some teeth made outta it"
-Lil John

"heckyeah-man.blogspot.com does not care about black people"*
-Kanye West

"Go shortie, it's ya blogspot. Go shortie, it's ya blogspot"
-50 Cent

"www.heckyeah-man.blogspot.com should be the next James Bond. RIP Biggie"
-P Diddy

*actually, we here at heckyeah-man.blogspot.com don't care about ANY people.

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