Thursday, December 11, 2008

gonna be a late one tonight, bob

How about instead of talking loud enough so that everyone can hear you telling Bob that you're going to be working late tonight, you just quit fucking around all day and get to work?

I've never seen more shitheads brag about being shitty at their jobs.

"Oh hey, I'm not competent enough to do my job in the 8 hours that you're paying me for, so I'm just going to stay late, and work for free"

What are you, a fucking charity?

But yo, I understand, some people truly do have mountains of work that cannot be done in the 8 hour workday. But could you imagine going to a job interview, and telling the potential employer that bullshit?

I've worked with people that never leave the office. They all have their own reasons. One guy hated his family lol. Another guy was going through a divorce and was too ashamed to drink alone at home, so he'd drink alone at the office. One dude just had his head up the bosses ass, and by default, stayed late every night.

And me? Well fuck, once the whistle blows at 5, I'm out the door on my way to a nice little place I like to call "just livin' my life, man".


kdrab said...

true that hym, true that.

Good post.

Trisha said...

Sounds like the first boss I ever had...he stayed late every day...for privacy sake, we will call him Ben Crab...

Ken Drab said...

That name sounds familiar Trisha...