Wednesday, December 24, 2008

an alarming trend

At my job I talk to a lot of receptionist-types. You know, chicks that answer the phones, then transfer me to whoever I'm trying to catch (usually presidents and CEO's cause i'm fucking baller).

It seems lately that when the receptionist tells me the person I'm looking for isn't around, they immediately follow it up with an offer to take a message.

I decline, then they offer again. I decline again, and ask what time I should call back. They ask if I'm sure I don't want to leave a message. I confirm that I am, in fact, sure.

This is when they usually get noticeably upset and shaken. Keep in mind that I do this over the phone, so there's no way to completely confirm that they are shaking with anger. But I can tell.

I have this one box I keep calling and she actually hung up on me because I wouldn't leave a message. Haha, so I called back and asked for whoever I was looking for, and when she told me that the dude wasn't available, I then asked to leave a message with her.

She was literally fuming - it was great!

Bottom line: Quit acting better than me, you're a fucking receptionist.

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