Friday, November 21, 2008

something interesting i just read/made up

We all fart.

Don't even lie. You do it. You know you do it.

I do it (better than you).

We all do it.

But did you know that your farts are more than just smelly air?

You know how when you have an empty bottle of like, Hershey's Chocolate Syrup...and when you give it that last squeeze - a fine chocolatey brown mist squirts out all over your ice cream, or your face or whatever?

That's exactly what happens to your underwear when you fart.

1 comment:

kdrab said...

I take tremendous issue with this post.

You don't fart better than me. You've seen what I eat. I am deadlier and I am quite prolific when it comes to magnitude AND length.

You should really consider what your posting HYM. That kind of careless, nay, I say RECKLESS declaration could get someone hurt - dare I say "butthurt"...

Okay. I just read my post and realized it's nothing to be proud of. Ugh. I think I butthurt myself.