Thursday, November 6, 2008

the butterfly

Also worth noting from the traffic jam blog a short while back: while sitting there in traffic on the highway, there were a bunch of police cars, an ambulance or two, and a firetruck just blowing by us, on the shoulder of the road. My guess is they were probably trying to get to the dickheads that caused the accident.

So, I'm sitting there looking out the window, and in a fleeting moment of clarity, I see a butterfly flying around like a retard. Just like a flying retard.

As I roll my window down, I hear sirens. Then I see a firetruck coming like a bat out of hell, right for the butterfly...on my left, on the shoulder of the road.

The poor little butterfly has no idea what's about to happen it. It's about to get pounded into dust by a big bad-ass firetruck. Oh shit, here it comes.

Collision is imminent - I can see the firetruck approaching in my rear-view mirror.

At the last second, with a sigh and a gasp, I look away in horror.

Realizing the firetruck is now ahead of me, and has absolutely mushed the poor little butterfly, I am overcome with waves of apathy, disgust, sadness, and of course, unbridled rage.

Before I can even start yelling at Heckyeahwoman, out of the corner of my eye I see movement! What can it be?

Wait! What's this!?!?! Through my weeping, tearfilled eyes I see the butterfly flying around looking a little dazed and confused!

The butterfly survived!

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