Sunday, July 27, 2008

a well marbled celebration of flavor

we went to a steakhouse on saturday night, and this was the description of one of the steaks on the menu. i can't remember what steak it was, but i almost ordered it based on that description alone.

i mean, are you kidding me? who wouldn't want to dine on a savory celebration of flavor? i know i would.

usually, i'm all about 'well marbled' know, when we're talking about counter tops or something like that...and i'll eat almost anything that is a celebration of flavor. but, yo, if you're talking about my meat being well marbled, you can gtfo.


kdrab said...
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kdrab said...

my wang gets well marbled and I like broads to dine on that too... I never ask if it's a celebration of flavor though, I just figured it was dessert...

WOW - yeah I went there.