Tuesday, July 8, 2008

really busy morning

wow. i got into work roughly maybe around 7:36 am this morning. and it has been a blizzard of business so far. jeez, once i turned my computer on, i had to surf the web for 20 minutes.

all of a sudden, it's time for our weekly, company-wide 8:00 meeting. yeah we still have those. it was great, about 2/3 of the office showed up this time! i barely noticed because i was too busy thinking about how ridiculously awesome i look in this tie. at the end of every meeting, we have a 'word of the day' that we all yell. i don't even remember what today's word is. but just like every other meeting, i yelled 'omar!'.

since the meeting i've been involved in a whirlwind of making some phone calls, faxing people my email address, and listening to megadeth.

on a more celebratory note, our company alcoholic is leaving. oddly, this very same company alcoholic is responsible for probably a good one third, to one half, of my readership. good luck, and at your new job, may the beer (and vodka, and whiskey, and gin, and tequila, and margaritas, and martinis, and cosmos, and screwdrivers, and captain & cokes, and cider, and spiced ale, and uh...wine) flow like wine!

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revolutionaire. said...

omar! that's hilarious.

how big is your office? I mean -- how many people equal 2/3 of the office? Because where I work, 2/3 of us would be four people.