Friday, July 11, 2008

just planning a vacation, man

so we are planning our trip down to treasure island, right? yeah. i remember when i was a kid we took a vacation to florida and went to some beach where we were finding tons of shark teeth. we both think this would be a blast, and agree that this is something we want to try to do. naturally i google it, so we know where we're going. i read though some of the search results, and stumbled upon this little gem:

worry not blog-readers, it's worksafe. what this has to do with finding shark teeth at the beach in florida...i may never know. but either way, lols were had. i'll keep you updated on how many shark teeth we find. i hope we see a megalodon. tooth.

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Anonymous said...

I'm just glad this Gia character has a pitbull named Driveby. How elegant of her.