Wednesday, July 9, 2008

i think i've been hosed

about 10 pm last night i hear a knock at the door. i have no idea who would be stopping by at that hour. we look at each other confused, and i get up to do what any normal dude would do...i grab my piece, ready to blast. we answer the door and it's some chubby mess of a woman that sounded like she'd been crying. she told us that her dad had a heart attack in ft lauderdale, and she didn't have any gas money to get down there. after naming the apartment she was from, she told us what kind of car she drives (a kia, lol). i don't know, it was kind of sketchy, but we scraped together some cash and handed it to her, wishing her luck and a safe drive.

neither of us recognized her as she stood there sobbing. it's hard not to feel bad for someone who looks so poverty-stricken. though, i would be willing to bet that it was her own fault for being obese and lazy. the more i think about it, i'm pretty sure she wasn't really crying. i bet nothing happened and this lady just made off with $21 of our hard earned money.

yep, i think i've been hosed.


kdrab said...

Consider yourself hosed. Big-time! One of the oldest scam in the books. Right now that bitch is sleeping off her crack high...

kdrab said...

btw - if you're going to throw $$ away. Buy shit from RICK THE STICK