Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i need to buy sunglasses

all i hear is about how the economy is heading towards a recession; and how this is not a good time to be jobless. i'm not so sure i believe it. yeah, maybe i do have the security of having a great job...but i have also seen the pool of applicants. lucky for me, i've been involved in the hiring, and interviewing process. no kidding, i've seen an interviewee tell me that he wasn't quite sure what his biggest 'accomplishment to date' was. i've seen people get hired that display nothing short of complete incompetence. i've seen people get promoted for no apparent reason, other than the fact that there was a vacancy.

the sick thing isn't just that these retards are getting hired, it's that they're getting hired by more retards. and who do those retards answer to? more retards. well where does that leave me? sitting real goddamn pretty, that's where.

as my pappy once told me: 'son, in a world full of retards, you're the biggest retard'. damn right i am. i'm jacked as shit. but anyway:

if these are the kind of people i have to compete with for jobs...yeah, i'd say my future is looking pretty bright, and i'm going to make a lot of money someday.

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kdrab said...

heck yeah, retard.