Monday, July 7, 2008

crazy weekend, man

i don't know where to start. it was a pretty crazy weekend. the whole weekend we were house sitting for the lady who runs/ran gainesville's ferret rescue. she has like 10 ferrets in one room and it's pretty neat. we had to feed some of them this chicken/gravy mix twice a day. some of them are so spoiled that they only eat if you hold them. also, she has a dog that needed to be fed twice a day. and let out! to go potty! we actually brought our 2 girls over to play with all the other ferrets, and after about an hour of brutal ferret butt sniffing (the ferrets, not us), and chasing around our girls, they all got along very well.

thursday we went to watch the gainesville fireworks at the top of one of the parking garages on campus. it was great, we had a fantastic view...except it was pretty rural up there. i think that's where all the townies go. the people next to us had a watermelon filled with vodka, and were definitely NOT shy about smoking pot. i think some people were even grilling out. shoot, one broad even left her lights on and had to get jumped. lol @ her misfortune.

on friday we wanted to get some bbq, but it was closed! unfortunately that meant hungry howie's pizza buffet. that sucked, but i guess the biggest travesty was going to see our second fireworks show of the weekend that night. we drove up to high springs, or alachua, or whatever, to see this. naturally we got lost; so we decided to park in a food lion parking lot, and just watch the fireworks from there. it was going great, until the finale was blocked by the treeline. i'm not sure why the rest of the fireworks weren't blocked. but the finale sure was. one bottle of water, and one high life later, we were on our way back to gainesville.

saturday was kind of a blur. we had a big ass meal at northwest grille and we were really full from that. i was totally going to work out, but i took a nap instead.

sadly, one of the little guys got really sick on sunday. he would hardly eat, we had to call up this other lady who set up a little ferret iv, and she injected him with fluids. he was pooping and puking all over. it was brutal. by the time we left on sunday, he was much better and hanging out with the rest of them. earlier in the weekend, he even had enough strength to terrorize our little girl, scab. and i just got an email that he was put to sleep late on sunday night. RIP, spike.

one of the highlights was the fact that i took a nap every day this long weekend. it was great! also worth noting is that we juiced an entire watermelon, and mixed the juice with coconut rum. it was also great. and tasty. i hope everybody had a fun and safe fourth of july! except for you. i hope you got hit in the face with a bottlerocket.


kdrab said...

boooooooooooring!!! No terror? No butt to the face? No loss of limbs? You buried the lead with Spikes death!!! Not the typical "heck yeah, man" laughfest. How was that a crazy weekend? You should beat yourself about the neck and chest with your keyboard.

kdrab said...

In hindsight, I feel I was too harsh with my comment. It's just that heck yeah, man has set the bar so high that it makes other blogs pale in comparison. With that said, I could have read something like this on Lambgoat or something. Not top shelf stuff I expect when I come here.

And yes, I did take a shot at Lambgoat. You bet I did.