Wednesday, July 23, 2008

attn: shawtie from the gas station

hey gurl, i dunno if u read this blog or not, but i thought i'd take tha chance. i'm not sure if u saw me, but damn gurl i was eyeballin u. u bet i was. i was dat fly boi wit tha black dodge charger putting $10 in my tank. u may have noticed my plastic spinning rims from wal-mart; in fact it looked like u were feelin' dem.

yo, i was wearing a green polo shirt wit da sleeves cut off, and dark blue jean cut off shorts. i was tryna look nice cuz i had a job interview dis mornin. dats rite, homeboy lookin to chase dat paper.

ne-way, u were wearing a cute green tank top and a skirt wit dem bangin legs dat looked like cinnamon stickz. i kno u were lookin at me 2.

i'm really hopin u read dis blog, and u get at me.

holler @ ur boi

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