Wednesday, July 2, 2008

an american tragedy

today at work, one of my co-workers reported a missing hot dog. naturally, i asked her if she misplaced the hot dog herself. she claims she didn't; and i believe her. she assured me the hot dog was there earlier. it must be noted, that by 'there' i mean in a ziploc bag, in the fridge, with her initials on it. i was so disgusted that i posted a bulletin on the lunch room bulletin board that read: "could whoever stole *****'s tasty hot dog, please return it asap, UNEATEN".

no takers. nobody wanted to own up to their wrongdoing. i'm not surprised. feeling probably slightly embarrassed, shortly after lunch, the victim asked me to take down the bulletin. after all, it's just a hot dog. but to me, it's the principle.

i know what workplace thievery is like, as i myself have suffered it firsthand. that's right, a few years back, my pringles were burgled right from my desk. the nerve.

if anyone knows the whereabouts of this wayward hot dog, please contact me immediately. thanks.

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kdrab said...

check yur butt.